Unused tyres for sale

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Unused tyres for sale

Post by Commuter on Sun 12 May 2013 - 15:32

I have two unused tyres for sale.
Neither tyre has ever been fitted to a rim.

I have a Maxxixs Promaxx 150/70 -17 69H which is the right size for the GT 125 and 250 range rear tyres. I would describe this tyre as a sports tourer. I have tried these and they perform very well in the dry and are infinitely better than Shinkos in the wet.

I also have a Continental Contiforce 120/70 ZR17 58W front tyre. Which isn't a standard Hyo size but is used on a large range of machinery by other manufacturers. I would describe this tyre as a tourer with good wear. characteristics.
I am asking you guys first before I put them on ebay. I want £35 each for them plus postage (which I think is about £15 per tyre since I don't go anywhere near a courier and so it has to be sent from GPO). They aren't a job lot so I will sell them individually. Price for two will be logically £70 plus £30 postage. Of course, you can come to Cambidgeshire to pay cash and pick them up if you prefer to deprive the robbing so and so's at the post office of their pound of flesh.
Requests for special club discounts will be met with uninhibited laughter and a suggestion to buy unused tyres cheaper elsewhere. Ha ha Very Happy Just PM me on this site. It will be first, come first served guys.

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