HYOSUNG GV650 efi for sale

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HYOSUNG GV650 efi for sale

Post by JFgv650Glw on Sat 21 Nov 2015 - 17:05

Hi, l recently purchased a not running GV650 efi ,,it had been unused for a few years and needed a new fuel pump and the tank cleaned out = new pump, battery, oil change and a general clean of brakes etc, and the bike ran ok , drove it for a few days after it the Mot ,when it miss-fired a few times then cut out ... l have been unable to get it to run properly since,,it will start and rev ok - only with the IMAP sensors disconnected but has no power, l will have to give up trying to fix it due to having checked all the things l know about, and will sell it if anyone here is interested,,, welcome to text me on 07985 354202,,


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Re: HYOSUNG GV650 efi for sale

Post by AJC on Sat 28 Nov 2015 - 19:37

Try listing the symptoms on the Korider forum - worldwide Hyosung owners may be able to point you in the right direction, there's a LOT of knowledge on that site.....

Worth a try, because it'd be a really nice bike to have!

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