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oil filter

Post by Commuter on Fri 3 May 2013 - 20:23

When I came to carry out my 3000 mile service on my Hyo 250 I found that it was extremely difficult to get enough purchase on the philips screw holding the internal oil screen in and so i had to revert to inginuity. I used one of those philips screw drivers with a spanner hex drive on it , I carefully placed the screw driver onto the screw heads and held the screw driver in place with a scissor jack. The scissor jack was used to apply some force to the screw driver to keep it properly engaed and i then turned the spanner. I posted my description on another forum and suffered some pompus ass commenting that this was impropper use of tools. My thoughts are not printable but suffice to say this method works.
When I took out the filter screen I found that there was some debris on it. More importantly the screen had never been taken out of the bike before when the bike had been "serviced" by a "professional" ( you know the sort of "professional " who speak authoritively about full service history) On replacing the screen I threw away the silly philips screws and replaced them with allen screws so that I could routinely clean the screen on future occasions with ease
Just look at what was caught in the mesh!

Here's a picture of the entire assembly for those of you who are wondering.

I havent shown the screws which held the sump plate in my picture.


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Re: oil filter

Post by pandp on Sat 4 May 2013 - 6:09

I did this over a year ago and this worked a treat for me after Geof told me this method Very Happy Nice write up Geof.

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