How to post pics

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How to post pics

Post by Admin on Thu 2 May 2013 - 21:31

OK .............. this is the method I use to post pics , hope this helps anyone having trouble Wink

First off , you will need to upload your pics to a photohosting site such as Flickr , Photobucket , Servimg or the one I use most - Tinypic

Some sites will allow you to re-size your pics once they are uploaded , others only let you re-size as you are uploading ( Tinypic does this for instance ) ............... I usually go for MESSAGE BOARD size which is 640 x 480 pixels

Select the pic you want to post and somewhere near it will be a list of codes ......... choose the IMAGE CODE and COPY IT

On the forum above the reply/topic box is a row of icons .............. click on the IMAGE ICON ( 2 to the left of the little RED F @ Flash )

This opens a drop box into which you PASTE THE IMAGE CODE

Choose where you want your pic to appear and click OK in the drop box and HEY PRESTO Very Happy


Hope this helps guys ............... there may be simpler ways but this works for me so I'll stick with it Razz



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Post by lonewolf on Wed 5 Nov 2014 - 17:36

cheers ill give it a bash clown

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