Rant about biggots

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Rant about biggots

Post by Commuter on Mon 29 Apr 2013 - 20:33

I just looked at Pand Ps article about someone calling korean bikes chinese. There are a lot of electronics manufacturers which we all "know" are Japanese and of good quality. Nippon Denso , Hitachi, Toshiba to name but a few all have factories in Korea and probably in China too. I wondered how many of these types who are so quick to be critical of Hyosungs Japanese designed bikes did but realise that theres probably a large slice of electronics in their "superior" ( read more expensive) bikes which originate not from Japan.
Most of them spend their time in the garage with a sanding block scrubbing off the chicken strips off their tyres and filing down their new knee sliders.

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Re: Rant about biggots

Post by Admin on Mon 29 Apr 2013 - 20:58

Agreed pal Wink

Dragonpage had a rant on Facebook about someone having a pop at Hyosungs too .................

I don't mind people calling Hyosungs AS LONG as they are prepared to either call other brands or have their own bikes called .......... which in most cases they're not , they're just brand snobs ( AKA assholes ) Twisted Evil

If half of them had even OWNED a Hyosung I could at least understand if they had had a bad experience and felt a little let down by the brand ........

But most just want to jump on the bandwagon of slating anything that comes out of Asia/Far East ................ how soon we forget the 60's when British bikes ruled the world and Jap Crap was never going to catch on Surprised



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Re: Rant about biggots

Post by joel352 on Mon 29 Apr 2013 - 23:32

Well it apsolutely annoys me when people slate Hyos but then get all angry when you say there bikes are not as perfect. I posted a comment on youtube asking a aussie about his GT250R when a randomer reply saying something along the lines of hyos are shit buy jap and you will have no probs. Plus you can do 160MPH and there are made better. Went on his cannel and he was 14. So he doesnt have a clue about bikes. People just need there daily fix of trolling.

I will give it 5 to 7 years or so and hyosung will be up there with the bigger boys getting the recognition they deserve. S&T who make them make some impressive stuff too. If you go on S&Ts website and look at the stuff they make on there vid, its quite impressive.

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Re: Rant about biggots

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