Please help, cbt in 8 days, bike wont start

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Please help, cbt in 8 days, bike wont start

Post by Icurus on Fri 31 Jan 2014 - 18:37

Hi all, I have a major issue with my 2011 GT125R,,, it wont for love nor money,,,Start. Major issue being my cbt is in 8 days!
I fitted an alarm, this meant removing fuel tank, air box and connecting a wire to the orange wire on the ignition connecter(the one that is only live when the ignition is on) the other wire next to it(red) stayed the same, untouched. Replaced air box and tank, carefully to not trap fuel lines, charged battery and now she just turns and turns until the battery is dead again. Once or twice she burst into life but idled for 10 secs at 1000rpm and stalled. Ive not touched anything else, just added the red wire to the ignition wire. She started on the button first time before but now just tries and tries...
What have I done,,, I cannot afford a mechanic as all money went to buy the bike 2 weeks ago,
I have waited a very long time for a bike like this and took 3 years of saving up, I cannot fall at the last hurdle, being on the bike means to much to me,
Thank you for your time,
A desperate Icurus Crying or Very sad 

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Re: Please help, cbt in 8 days, bike wont start

Post by Admin on Sat 1 Feb 2014 - 16:21

May sound a stupid question but ............. where do you keep the bike ?

If you keep it in a garage etc. , then it may not be what I'm thinking , however , if you keep your bike outside ( or even park outside at work etc. ) , it's possible you have water in the fuel tank  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes 

This happened to me not long ago ( my bike lives outside 24/7 ) ............. if you lift the petrol cap ( as if to fill up ) , you should notice a small drain hole in the left side of the recess ( clutch side ) Wink 

If this hole becomes blocked , then rain /water has no where to escape from and so eventually seeps into your petrol tank  Shocked  Shocked

Water doesn't mix with petrol and will SINK to the bottom of your tank , which means , when you try to start your bike it will be trying to run on water contaminated fuel and WILL NOT run ............. trust me , I spent 2 days trying to find out why my bike wouldn't start and in the end resorted to calling out the AA ............ the very nice man took around 3 hours to suss it out and fix it ( which involved draining the tank - a full tank of V Power ruined BTW  Sad  ) 

With a litre of fresh fuel and a capful of meths in the tank ( apparently the meths WILL mix with any water left in the system and help burn it off ) , everything was hunky dory ........ once in work I used the compressed air to blow all the shit out of the drain hole and now that I'm aware of it I have been keeping a close eye on it ( especially since it hasn't stopped effing raining from that day to this  Shocked  Shocked  )

Definitely worth a look anyway ........... also give the side stand switch a good looking at ( there are several threads on on how to disconnect it ) , as these give more trouble than they're worth ....... for now a good clean and a liberal coating of WD40 should suffice  Wink 

Let us know how you get on  Cool 



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