Back in the Saddle

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Back in the Saddle

Post by Admin on Fri 20 Sep 2013 - 20:43

Well , as some of you will know , I had a heart attack just over 3 weeks ago and so had to refrain from driving and most importantly RIDING MY BIKE Shocked Shocked Shocked 

Anyway , I have been allowed to drive the car for the last week or so ( not on my own at first and not too far ) BUT ............ TODAY I WENT OUT ON MY BIKE FOR THE FIRST TIME bounce bounce bounce bounce 

Was a bit tentative at first ........... hardest part was getting the bike spun round to drive out the driveway ( I rode it down our drive the day I had the heart attack and so had to push it backwards , UPHILL , past my car then turn it around behind the car so I was pointing in the right direction Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes  ).

However , once I got going IT FELT SOOOOOOOO GOOD Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy albeit a little strange .......... funny how after just 3 short weeks , my bike felt '' different '' to how I remembered it ( can't explain it really , it just kind of felt a bit weird Exclamation Exclamation  )

Anyway , stayed out for around 45 mins just pottering about ( going getting my knee down around the nearest roundabout isn't really an option my ticker relishes just at present Laughing Laughing  )  but I can't begin to describe how much I missed and enjoyed being in the saddle again and I CAN'T WAIT to get out again soon .Cool 

On a more sombre note though , I should have been taking part in Sundays' Ride of Honour  from Squires Cafe up to Catterick Army Base ............ however , after last years 270+mile round trip , I have decided to give it a miss No No 

It's around 50 miles or so just to get to Squires from where I live and I'm afraid this old body with it's dodgy ticker ain't quite ready for that just yet so ...............

Still , a few more little excursions over the coming weeks while I'm still on the sick ( weather permitting 'cos that's something else I now have to take into consideration that I didn't before Shocked Shocked  ) and all should right with the world Very Happy 



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Re: Back in the Saddle

Post by joel352 on Fri 20 Sep 2013 - 22:12

Yay bazz your riding again. Well take it easy. No wheelies and no track days. Razz 

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Re: Back in the Saddle

Post by Mike the Bike on Sat 21 Sep 2013 - 20:48

Hey Baz, sorry to hear the bad news, but the good news is your on the mend. Take it easy buddy, you only get one chance at life no matter what anyone else tells you. Very Happy 
Mike the Bike

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Re: Back in the Saddle

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