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For NickC

Post by Admin on Tue 28 May 2013 - 17:23

The other day on our rideout , Nick was talking about maybe re-painting his 250R , Kawasaki Ninja Green instead of the standard Hyo White............

Well , I wasn't too sure how it would look ( the very pale solid colour green IMHO wouldn't suit the bike ) , HOWEVER , I came across these on T'internet ............



Now , obviously , the top pic looks like a Photoshop jobby , especially as the graphics are GREEN too BUT that shade of Metallic Green ( which IIRC is the ZX12R & ZZR1400 colour ) REALLY seems to compliment the Hyo shape Wink

Maybe not such a bad idea after all lol! lol!


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Re: For NickC

Post by NickC on Wed 29 May 2013 - 1:55

Oooooh I like the bottom one Very Happy nice find

Colour change has been put on hold due to shortage of funds Crying or Very sad not happy about it but needs must

Just gonna do the necessary to make it useable while I start saving, overall the damage doesn't look that bad after a polish so new mirrors and indicators on order Very Happy

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