Older bike support?

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Older bike support?

Post by pepperami on Thu 19 May 2016 - 22:58

Not been on here for a while Embarassed.

So I still have my 2011  GT 250efi.  Now I am at the point that maybe a few little things are going to need to be done on my bike.
For example, it would`nt tick over from cold now?? once it`s warmed up, it`s fine??
Luckily I have found a local bike dealer who is/was willing to help and it is now sorted (sort of).
However the local bike dealer is not an appointed dealer for Hyosungs.

I have spoken to a couple Hyosung dealers around my neck of the woods and they seem to be reluctant to get involved with older? bikes.
Is anyone else experiencing this?


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Re: Older bike support?

Post by Admin on Sat 21 May 2016 - 17:47

Welcome back mate  Wink

To be fair , there's quite a few ( including myself ) that don't come on here that much now  Embarassed

My 650 is 2007 model and the dealer I bought it from new has since dropped the brand and doesn't want to know either  Crying or Very sad

I do have a dealer now that is closer to me than the original one but I had a bad experience there and wouldn't EVER go back ........ long story short - they ruined my forks and denied it meaning I had to replace my forks out of my own pocket ...... NOT IMPRESSED  Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Local Suzuki dealer won't touch it either ( he's 2 miles down the road so very handy if he would ) ........ there is one local mechanic who has worked on it for me but again , the last job I asked him to do he started , then refused to carry on because he snapped 1 bolt and rounded the head of another so I've had to do the job myself in the end  Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes



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