Main Fuse Holder

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Main Fuse Holder

Post by AJC on Thu 22 May 2014 - 9:09

A little technical question - I had a breakdown last year which was down to a failure of the main fuse - the one with 15A on the cover.  The fuse was fine but there seemed to be an internal failure.  This has been repaired by the dealer, but I wonder if I should replace it just in case - anyone else had fuse or fuse holder trouble?

Typically, I broke down in the middle of nowhere, on the 'rest and be thankful' road to Inveraray, and it took all evening to get the bike recovered.  Never did make it to Inveraray!

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Re: Main Fuse Holder

Post by Admin on Tue 27 May 2014 - 15:10

Not had much trouble with the fuses on mine ............ but Hyosung are notorious for their dodgy electrics  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes 

The battery on Hyos' isn't a very good one and tends not to last that long ( mine lasted a couple of years so I replaced with a Bosch first and now a Varta )

Like certain Jap models the reg/rec is prone to go and also the stator likewise ......... if one goes then the other won't be far behind  Shocked 

I've replaced both of them on mine and hence why I'm on the Varta ( when the problems started they took the battery with them , the little tinkers )  Evil or Very Mad 

Stator ....... Kawasaki GPZ500 is the same AND cheaper or you can go for one of these

Same with the reg/rec ........... mosfet replacements are better and I believe the Yamaha R1 @ 2005 model fits or you can try the link above or you could have one like mine

A lot of guys on here use , which is an international forum for Hyo riders and there are loads of threads on there about electrical problems ( and mechanical ) if you need another opinion  Wink 

Worth a look  Cool 



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